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Music in TCG World

A Bitter Return - Sage Oursler

Bonnie Grace - Peace in the Realm

Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen - A Pure Force

El Neón - Pinata

Farewell Brave Friend · Adriel Fair

Jason Paige - Get In Get On (TCG World Theme Song)

Knight's Templar · Adriel Fair

Lu-Ni - Lo Lograre (Instrumental Version)

Mural Legends · Adriel Fair

Ooyy - Calling Me

Ooyy - Divergent

Ooyy - Faded

Ooyy - Maverick

Ooyy - Siren Screen


Splasher! - Raise Your Shoes

Squiid - Atmospherica

Sum Wave - Il Sole Splende

Sum Wave - Sipping on Martinis

Tigerblood Jewel - Tiger Beat

Trevor Kowalski - Changing Outlook

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