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Alpha Sprite Research Page

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Info updated 10-04-22  Alpha 3.3

- There are 3 different Sprites currently in Alpha. (blue frog, small ewok looking one, and Birdman)
- They are not savable yet.  They go away after you log out.
- Unknown if you can evolve - let me know if you capture 10. 
- Use the green ring to capture them. 
- You can use the Radar (Icon located underneath the mini-map) and it'll take you to the nearest Sprite.  This semi-works and it may just be spawn locations. You may have to wait for one to spawn.  Or the sprite is "under the world" and bugged.  More research needed for the radar tool. 
- You pretty much have to hit them perfectly in the crosshair to capture. 
- Sprites will run from you if you get too close.  You cannot sneak up on them that well. 
- One ring can capture multiple Sprites, but they have to be in the ring of capture in order to do that. 
- Sprites cannot pass through plot borders.  If they spawn outside of a plot, they cannot enter a plot.  If they spawn inside a plot, they cannot roam out of it. 
- Sprites are not currently mintable.  Awaiting Alpha version 4.0 for minting capability. 
- For the time being, you can fling rings from cars and dragons to capture as well.  I expect this to be removed in time. 

Known Sprite Spawn Spots:  "Everywhere" - but I've had luck north of the Marina in the Forest and on the East river coast facing the Forest.  But literally they can pop up anywhere.  

Known Sprite Bugs: 
- Floating Sprites (try throwing rings while flying on a dragon to capture them, may or may not work)
- Sprites stopping, twitching
- Camera angle to throw rings is not too user friendly. 
- Sprites run away after capture animation has started (they appear in your inventory after).

Sprite Concept Images
Sprite 3D Images


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