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How To Avoid Scams - With Examples

There are a lot of scams in Crypto (and on the internet in general).  Scammers target upcoming and successful projects like TCG World.  The new and experienced are getting their hard-earned crypto stolen from them.  

It's ultimately up to you to keep your funds and assets safe from these scammers. The best way of protecting yourself is by learning beforehand what to look out for.  

Watch out for the following:

- Fake pages or profiles pretending to be TCG World - Scammers set these up and tag random people.

- Fake giveaways and airdrops - posted on socials, in comments, on fake websites, sent in direct messages, etc.

- Random DMs (Direct Messages) - The real team will NEVER DM you first!  This is probably the one that people fall for most as they try to befriend you, ask for favors, and/or offer you special deals.  

- Messages offering help - Scammers watch chats and send DMs offering "help".  They especially go after new people asking questions.  

- Impostors pretending to be a member of the TCG Team - They ask for you to send money or crypto - Again, the team will never DM you first or ask for money or crypto.

- Fake unofficial links - Scammers set up fake websites to get you to connect a wallet and steal everything. NEVER give your seed phrase.  NEVER link to a site you do not know 100% is official.  

- Requests to join unofficial channels and groups - Make sure you're in the correct and official groups.

- Offers to sell plots at a discount - All plots are sold through the official TCG website.

- Offers to sell or mint the dragon NFTs - The dragon mint is over, the only way of getting the dragons is on Opensea.

- Being invited to or put into a group to buy plots, dragons, or anything else. - Again, the team will never DM you first, and will never invite you into a private group to offer deals or anything else.  Often the groups they put you in re-post real posts, and then at the end have a scam post.  They often close the chat for any more comments.  Do not fall for this.  

- Being called out of the blue by an impostor team member.  Again they are trying to gain your trust by offering "help" and then they will direct you over the voice chat to give them your secret phrase or to have you send them crypto.  Don't do it.  

- Messages asking for interviews.  They even say there will be compensation (land or dragon NFTs).  

Telegram Common Scams:  Scammers pretending to be TCG Staff.  Bringing you into a group to offer land deals.  Direct Messages.  Fake Groups and Announcement Groups. 

Facebook Common Scams:  Fake Pages pretending to be TCG World.  Fake posts tagging you with offers.  "Give me 1 ETH I'll give you 3 ETH" type scams.   Scam comments on real posts. 

Twitter Common Scams:  Fake Profiles.  Scam NFT mints (including land).  Scam replies and retweets.

Discord Common Scams:  Scammers pretending to be TCG Staff.  Fake DMs offering deals.  

Things to never do:

- Never transfer money or crypto directly to anyone.

- Do not connect your wallet to anything unofficial.

- Do not give out your seed phrase, ever.

- Do not keep a digital record of your wallets security back up info.  Instead, write it down and put it in a safe place.

Do these checks to keep yourself safe:

1. Always confirm the official groups and pages are legit. Most fake groups and pages have little to no followers. The main TCG Facebook page has over 40k currently.

On Telegram, a fake Telegram group could have 20k fake people in it - all bots!  

The pages and groups look to be real on the surface, but if you look closer you'll realize they have no extensive history like TCG World has, and they're often talking about airdrops and amazing opportunities to double, triple your money.  Don't fall for it.  

2. Check the username and tags as they generally have a few minor changes compared to the real admin/mods username.  You can use the Verify tool on the TCG website.  Please make sure to COPY/PASTE the USER NAME.  Do not copy/paste a name they've given you, or a name under their Bio section, or from any where else.  A common tactic for scammers is for them to hide their real user name, and put a team members user name under the BIO section.  

3. Once determined to be a scam, Report the group or individual and block them.

4. Don't give them an emotional response, they're not worth your energy.

Note: TCG World does not have a support channel on any platform.

IMPORTANT!  Telegram Users can Update their Privacy Settings so you won't get thrown into scam groups or chats.  Directions are as follows: 

Consider getting a Hardware Wallet:

For extra security, it is recommended to get a Ledger, or another type of hardware crypto wallet.  The reason is because with a hardware wallet you need to have the physical device with you in order to make a crypto transaction.  This makes it nearly impossible for someone to wipe your wallet.  Only buy hardware wallets direct from the manufacturer.  Third parties or used hardware wallets could be compromised.  Click here to read more on how a hardware wallet keeps your crypto more secure. 

Only you can keep yourself safe!  Please ask questions if you are unsure about anything.  If something is too good to be true, it usually is!  

TG Scam Preventing.jpg
How To Report

The best thing you can do is block and ignore these scams.  Reporting is helpful, but the platforms take forever to deal with scammers.  TCG World actively searches for these scam pages and submits DMCA notices when possible.  That can take 1-2 days usually, but is rather effective at deleting them.   However most of the time the scammers have already moved on.

How to Report on Facebook

- Find 3 Dots (near top, right hand side)
- Report Page
- Scam and Fake Pages
- Pretending to be another Business
- Type in TCG World
- Select TCG World


Similar process for both mobile and desktop

You can also block the page if you'd like.  

How to Report a Tweet

- Click 3 dots (top right)
- Report Tweet
- Start Report
- Choose "Everyone on Twitter" hit Next
- Choose "Spammed" hit Next
- Choose the top one "Posting misleading or deceptive links"
- Hit "Yes, Continue"
- Hit Submit

How to Report on Telegram

If someone is pretending to be a TCG World team member, please report this to a mod or admin on the TCG World telegram. Grab their @ username and send to the team.  


Additionally Telegram scam groups and accounts can be reported by email:


How to Report a Twitter Account


Click 3 Dots

Click Report @username (bottom)

Choose "They're pretending to be me or someone else"

Choose "someone else"

Write in @OfficialTCGCoin  (it will pop up) 

If their full name doesn't pop up write in "TCG World"

Send Report to Twitter

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