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Jason Paige

Jason Paige



Jason Paige is famous for being the original Pokemon theme song singer.  He also wrote and sings the TCG World theme song.  

As a vocalist Jason toured for a year as the lead singer for legendary band Blood Sweat & Tears. He shared the stage with Michael Jackson as the rap soloist for the hit song “Black or White” in Michael Jacksons 30th Anniversary concert at Madison Square Garden aired on CBS. He can be heard on Foreigner’s “Cant Slow Down”, Meatloaf’s “Bat Outta Hell 3”, The Scorpions “Hour 1”, Frankie Valli’s “Romancing the 60’s” and on “The Art of McCartney” tribute CD behind Billy Joel, Roger Daltrey, Kiss and Smokey Robinson among others. His voice is featured in “Rick And Morty”, “Phinaes & Ferb”, “Sponge Out of Water”, “The Jersey Boys”, “Annie” with Kermit and Miss Piggy in the last “Muppet Movie” and a salad of singing food characters in “Sausage Party”. He has sang and beat-boxed with Aerosmith on tour and on the Howard Stern re-mix of the hit single “Pink” and has performed with Enrique Iglesias on tour, television and can be heard on his CD “7”.






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