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Left Handed Keymapper Info for TCG World

Left Hand.jpg

Just in case there are any left handed gamers like myself that hate using WASD for movement, I have managed to find a keymapper that works with TCG World's API that doesn't seem to use RAW input that most key mapper programs are only capable of changing keys for.   Its called "Sharp keys" and its in the Microsoft store.   I can map all in game keys and can now use the up,down,left,right arrow keys on my keyboard for movement instead of WASD. I Also changed other keys for easy access like tab, q, e to be more "Lefty" friendly.    Just be mindful sharp keys needs a quick logout and login to take affect.   Also be mindful of your login password to the game in case you remap any of the keys used in it.  This measure is only needed until they introduce key mapping in game.  Anyway, here are my sharpkey key mapping for a more "Lefty"  friendly game.   Hope this helps any leftys out there.

Thanks to Nefarian on Telegram for this info!

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