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How To Buy TCG2 via PancakeSwap

In this guide I explain how I personally buy all my TCG2 using Trust Wallet on an Android device. There are several ways to buy TCG2, but this is my preferred way. Please know this is not financial advice.

Click Here for the Picture Guide!

Tip 1: This is the way to buy any coin available on Pancakeswap, not just TCG2.

Tip 2: Make sure Trust Wallet is updated via the Google Play App. (It updates OFTEN)

How To Buy TCG2 using Trust Wallet Instructions:

  1. Acquire BNB Smart Chain. See Note 1 below.

  2. Click Browser (bottom)

  3. Find and open PancakeSwap from the app list (

  4. The swap screen defaults to BNB -> Cake - Press on Cake and change it to TCG2. You may need the contract address to find TCG2 if this is the first time: 0xF73d8276C15Ce56b2f4AeE5920e62F767A7f3aEA

  5. Hit Swap.

  6. Hit Confirm Swap.

  7. Review the Smart Contract Call Pop-Up and hit Approve.

  8. Congratulations, you have just purchased TCG2! It should arrive in seconds to your wallet, however if there is major congestion on the BSC, it could take a few minutes if not more. That's rare.

Note 1: I buy all my BNB on the App. It's the easiest and cheapest site I've personally found to buy BNB in the USA. Then I send the BNB to my Trust Wallet BNB Address. Use my referral link to sign up for and we both get $25 USD + you would be helping to support the site! I appreciate you! Here is the token information for TCG2: Contract address: 0xF73d8276C15Ce56b2f4AeE5920e62F767A7f3aEA

Make sure network (blockchain) is set to smart chain (not Ethereum)

Name: TCG Coin 2.0

Symbol: TCG2

Decimals: 9

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