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Farming Information

Farming is going to be a big part of TCG World. Here's what we know so far about Farming in TCG World: 

TCG World plans to release a farming whitepaper around the time of the the full release of the game (Christmas 2022)  which will reveal all the specific details about farming and how much someone can earn from doing it.

Farming is expected to go live at full launch.  However the first month or two will be for testing purposes to make sure the farming mechanics are sustainable and to adjust numbers if needed.  After that initial test period is completed and the devs are happy with it, players can then start to earn.

Farmers will be able to earn TCG2 by growing and harvesting crops.  It'll basically be gamified staking - you'll buy seeds, plant them, tend to the crops over time, and eventually harvest the crop, earning you a bit more TCG2 than what you started with.

Additionally farms will have a 2nd type of seed that will produce in-game assets instead of coin.  Players will have the choice between growing the two different types of seeds.  (source:  Sept 30th live stream)

Facts about Farms:

- There are 25,000 total farming plots in TCG World.    

  - 16625 Silver Farms  (16x16 size)

  - 7500 Gold Farms (32x32 size)

  - 625 Platinum Farms (64x64 size)

  - 250 Diamond Farms (128x128 size)

- Farms are spread throughout the map - in all 4 regions.

- Farms cannot operate a business on them.

- Update: They're leaning towards having no regional bonuses for farms, such as faster Sprite evolutions in the Forest region. But this is not for sure yet.

- Farms will be able to have billboards placed on them (advertisements).

- Gold and Diamond farms are sold out.

- Gold and Platinum Farms sold out much faster than regular plots in their presale.  (Platinum Farms are still available as of this writeup)

- There will be a fixed amount of TCG2 set aside for farming each month. 

- Month to month allotment of TCG2 will vary.

- What you'll earn is heavily dependent upon the price of TCG2.

- You can build anything on a farm (no businesses of course)

- Up to 50% of each plot can be used for farming.

Direct Links for Farms:

Silver Farms:

Gold Farms:

Platinum Farms:

Diamond Farms:

Some previous comments from David about the Farming Process:

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