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Dragon NFT Infomation

The Official TCG Dragon Cave Club NFTs can be used to acquire and use various dragons within the TCG World metaverse.  These dragon NFTs are only available on OpenSea.  

Amount:  10,000 NFTs

Blockchain: Ethereum

Launch Date:  Feb 7th 2022

Collaboration with: FramdNFT & artist Vali Lancea.

Link to collection:

Tip:  Always make sure the dragon is from the official collection.  Look for the blue checkmark on Opensea.  There are fake collections out there. 

The dragon whitepaper is expected to be released in October 2022.  We will know more concrete information then.  Below is the information we've been given so far on how to obtain in-game dragons. 

There are 2 different types of Dragons.  Dragons can be either a non-in-game NFT (DRAGON CAVE CLUB) or an in-game NFT (Example: Flying Dragon).  

The TCG Dragon Cave Club NFT gives special access to the dragon cave which may give access to concerts and other events. 

Per NFT, you get 1 egg. 

Those eggs can be blended (or something similar) to give you the following in game dragons:

⮞Tier 1: (1 egg) A House Dragon Hangaround - to go on your owned property in TCG World.

⮞Tier 2: (2 eggs) A Dragon that Travels with you - no fighting or flying. 

⮞Tier 3: (4 eggs) A Fighting Dragon - helps hunt and battle Sprites.

⮞Tier 4: (8 eggs) A Mountable Flying Dragon - does not fight.

⮞Tier 5: Mythical (TBD) Possibly you can win through contests? Possibly up to 10 of them only in-game, ever.  An ultra rare flying mount.

- Your egg will be burned when you need to turn it into whatever dragon you choose. 

- There will be Dragon staking options with extra skins or extra traits added to whatever dragon you've minted.  

- If you don't hold the correct number of dragon NFTs (example: 4 for fighting in game dragon, or 8 for a flying dragon) you will not be able to use the dragon in-game.  You have to have to own the correct number of dragons in your wallet.

- In the future you should be able to sell and/or trade eggs.

* Any further dragon info is still being worked on.*

Original announcement on Medium

Other notes:

- halfmanhalfzombie was the lucky minter of the bounty dragon NFT. He was offered 50,000 USD worth of ETH and declined.  He will have a mythical mount dragon in-game.  

- April 3rd 2022: 500 ETH volume

- July 11th 2022: 1000 ETH volume

Note:  Some dragon NFTs have been marked as stolen and are not able to be traded on OpenSea any longer.  These dragon NFTs will be perfectly ok to use within TCG World.  

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