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Import and Asset Information

Players will have the ability to make and import custom assets to use within TCG World.  That means you can design a custom house or something fun to decorate it!  

Compatible File Type: .fbx 

Max Polygons: 20,000 per plot no matter the size of the plot.

Helpful Information: 

‣Plot Border Sizes:





‣Plot Height Restriction:

  •10m for Silver plot

  •20m for Gold plot

  •30m for Platinum plot 

  •50m for Diamond plot

Basic Dwelling Dimensions: 

‣Doors: Better keep them around 2.2m-2.4m height

‣Ceilings: a minimum 2.7m

‣Garage Door: minimum is 3m wide

‣Corridors: minimum 1.5m

‣Stairs: minimum 1.0m wide

‣Beds: minimum 1.0m wide and length 2.0m

Note:  Assets like Avatars and Vehicles will not be allowed as importable assets within TCG World due to in-game mechanices.  

Most people use a program called Blender to make assets, although there are other programs you can use. 

You can watch some Blender Tutorials over on Youtube, very helpful!  Make sure to include the keyword lowpoly. 

More info about importing assets to come closer or after full launch of the game. 

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